Unlock the power of personalized training with our private sessions. Discover how our tailored lessons can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. For more details and to schedule your private session, simply text us at (973) 355-7773. We’re here to assist you every step of the way..

LAX LAB Weekly Training

The Lax Lab encompass our weekly training of offense and defense at Turf City Wayne and Metuchen Sports Center…


Juke Lab consists of one-hour offensive-focused training sessions emphasizing technical skill development…


At home drills and all-encompassing off field mentorship by Jules Heningburg and staff…

MISSION PRIMEDThe Mindful Player

At Mission Primed, we specialize in lacrosse training events that go beyond the game…


Join our partner, Coach Jack Runkel, for weekly 90-minute training sessions for multiple nets, hundreds of reps, and elite shooters…


Join our partner, Coach Jack Runkel, for weekly 90-minute training sessions for multiple nets, hundreds of reps, and elite shooters…

LACROSS ATHLETE PERFORMANCEWeekly Athletic Performance Training

In addition to our traditional offerings, we now offer Lacrosse Athlete Performance training…

New Players

In 2023-2024, across The Lax Lab, we are implementing our Dynamic Training, which will consist of 1 hour of Skill Development (Footwork, Shooting, Dodging etc) and 30 minutes of Live Competition (1 v 1s, 2 v 2s, 4 v 4s etc) at every sessin for every age group. Offense and Defense will compete against each other during the 30 minute segment. At Metuchen Sports Center, we will have two levels of training, Development and Elite. At Turf City and The Fieldhouse, sessions are open to intermediate-elite players, no beginners, and must be approved prior to registration if not on a club team. 

*No beginners. If you are not on a club team, you must have prior written approval to register even if you have trained with us before. Contact to inquire.

Player Blueprint

Training/Playing Cycle Outline
Middle School & High School

We have taken our 20+ years of coaching and playing at the highest level of the game to develop the optimal lacrosse player blueprint. While your personal journey to elevate your game is up to you, below is our vision of how to utilize Lax Lab in addition to your current club and rec/hs programs.  
(Everything below can purchased be a la carte or as a package.)

Lax Lab Weekly Training + Privates

  • Group Training Package: Our staple – weekly technique/skill + live rep development for offense and defense, and private training to supplement.
  • Suggestion: Build a package to fit your schedule! Recommend: Group training 2x per month for optimal player development, and privates to supplement or for schedule conflicts.
    Hop into a private to fine tune, stay motivated, or layer onto group work/club practice! This can be during other sport seasons and in Lacrosse season. 
  • Tip: Busy playing other sports? Awesome, play multiple sports! When you’re not in season for other sports, we hope you’re on the field with us at least twice a month or supplementing with Privates! Privates can be helpful during other sports + in Lacrosse season on off days

Lacrosse Athlete Performance Training with APT2

  • The Lacrosse Athlete: Speed, conditioning, agility, strength, injury prevention, and mobility. 
  • Suggestion: Pair LAPT with Lax Lab for maximum on-field development. Group sessions or privates available!
  • Tip: Skills/Techniques are essential but only one piece of the puzzle. In addition, you must be lifting either with a HS program, a personal trainer, or on your own consistently to garner results. This is non-negotiable. If you are not doing this, LAPT is an excellent option. Please let us know what you are doing so we can help guide you to the best of our ability. 

The Lax Lab App (Drills + Resources)

  • Drills and resources for parents!
  • Suggestion: Our App/Drills are a great tool (especially for players who can not make every session/privates), or for those who need solo training guidance to work outside of group/team training. 
  • Tip:  No matter who you are, you must be working on your own outside of practicte to be your best. What better way to do that than using the drills we work on every week on your own? Great to have while in season for other sports, or to build out a dynamic training week in the off season. 

Primed Gems Academy

  • Your one-stop shop for mentorship off-field, including film/IQ development, Leadership Mental Performance, Drills and more!
  • Suggestion: For the serious player/family who knows, with more guidance, achieving their best is possible. 
  • Tip: This process can be confusing and overwhelming. From knowing what drills to do, film, mental performance, and recruitment, there is a lot to balance. If you need support in navigating and the assurance you are doing everything you can, Primed Gems is for you.

Mission Primed Events – Key events. Developing the Mindful Player 

  • At Mission Primed, we believe in putting the person over the player first. Through carefully curated on-field play and off-field workshops, our goal is to foster more awareness in players’ lives by developing their mindful muscle and expanding their perception of athletic development.
  • You may get elements of your blueprint supplemented elsewhere or in other sports. We warmly welcome input and a dialogue around a dynamic plan regarding player development. As a Committed Senior, learn more about Mission Primed Senior Experience HERE. The ultimate combine and training to prepare you for the next level.

Returning Players

Lax Lab Spring Training Sessions with Jules Heningburg

The Fieldhouse, Northvale

Middle School

Metuchen Sports Center, Metuchen 

Middle School

Elite Session

*All players will utilize this form, there will be a open group and elite group. Players will be placed based on skill.