Transforming passion into precision. Our training programs have not just elevated skills but created a community of champions. Don’t just take our word for it – hear the success stories from those who have experienced the game-changing journey with us!

Player Stories



Father of Jason Koo

“Everything you imagined something called JukeLab7 could be for a lacrosse player, it is that and abundantly more. While Jules’ All-Star skills speak for themselves, it is his brilliant lacrosse mind plus his clear and authentic communication at the heart of the Premier Lacrosse training you will ever find. His humble pursuit of excellence is tangible in every lesson he shares. Jules has been a tremendous teacher, role model and friend to my son.”


Father of Hudson Chang

“Jules is a holistic coach, developing players on all facets of lacrosse: advance skills, foot work, game IQ, and mindset. His clinics are filled with golden nuggets, with attention to fine tuning of skills that have a huge impact. He has been a tremendous inspiration to my son as a player and person.”

joe chang


Father of Lucas Garcia

“My son Lucas has been working with Jules at the Juke Lab for a few months now. The results have been fantastic as it pertains to his footwork, lacrosse IQ, and fundamentals. Jules is a hands on, energetic trainer who connects closely with his students. Having such a great player share his insights with with Lucas is truly invaluable. We highly recommend young players looking to get better to work with Jules.”


(Player: Brendon Merchant, Class of 2029)

“Jules provides clear and simple, yet very impactful tips to guide players to optimize their efficiency on the field. His energy and passion for the sport are palpable and he instills that in his players. His approach to teaching combines both physical and mental aspects – the agility training will significantly improve footwork and acceleration and the shooting and passing drills will enhance versatility in both hands. He also gives advice to improve a player’s ability to make strategic plays both off ball and on and how to understand field positioning most effectively. Jules customizes his approach to what an individual needs to bring out his best. As Brendon says, “He improved my split dodge and IQ greatly.”



17 Year Professional Player, Tewaaraton Winner, US Lacrosse Hall of Fame

“Jules Heningburg is one of the game’s brightest young stars on, and more importantly off the field. As a player, his IQ, skill set and versatility are what separate him. As a Coach, it’s his ability to relate to players of all ages, and break the game down in a digestible and age appropriate way. His commitment to the mental health and preparation is unmatched. What’s impressed me the most in his short career – and I can say this with 100% certainty, is that in the end Jules impact off the field for the next generation of players will be even bigger than his impact on the field.”